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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Closet?
Closet is a password and secrets manager built on Blockstack. You can use it to store secret login credentials and snippets for yourself and for your team.
How is Closet user-encrypted?
Closet makes use of Gaia which is an encrypted storage by Blockstack. Gaia storage is encrypted by the user's private keys and only they can decrypt it.
What happens if I lose my private keys?
In that case, you lose access to your stored passwords and notes. Yes, not even us can touch your secret data.
What data do you collect from the users?
We collect absolutely zero data from the users. We don't have a server. The only server this application interacts with is the encrypted Blockstack and Gaia servers.
Can I see how Closet looks like?
Well, here you go. Also, feel free to use it as it's free for now (we are in beta).password hiddenrandom password generationnotes